About Paul

Paul Coleman Photo2Since January 2014, Paul has worked with institutions to help develop research infrastructure improvements that is compliant and focused on identifying risky expenditures, therefore reducing unallowable cost on federal awards. Paul’s work has made these institutions’ research infrastructures more flexible, efficient and effective. Paul has worked on a variety of projects for different institutions, including special reviews to identify unallowable costs based on allegations of impropriety; risk assessments and lab reviews based on research expenditure patterns; Travel data reviews; conflicts of interest reviews; compensation and effort reporting systems risk analysis; service/recharge centers assessments; Sub-recipient monitoring compliance programs; and compliance programs that analysis real-time expenditures on sponsored project. Paul also has extensive experience about using grant expenditure DATA analysis to identify Audit Red Flags and target risky expenditures.

Paul retired from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in December 2013 as a Senior Special Agent with over 30 years of federal service.  In 1989, Paul was hired as the first Special Agent for the newly created NSF Office of Inspector General and began conducting grant fraud investigations.  Paul also served as the first NSF Special Agent-in-Charge and the first NSF Assistant Inspector General for Investigations.  He is recognized as a resourceful and results-oriented leader of multi-disciplinary teams that conducted complex investigations involving the misappropriation of scientific research and education grant funds.  As an investigator, Paul took a customer service approach and coordinated his investigations with officials from grantee institutions to successfully complete hundreds of investigations. Throughout his 24 years of working with higher education and other non-profit institutions that received science and education grants, Paul’s expertise and understanding of the grants community became unmatched.  He is known as “The Grant Fraud Expert.”

Paul is a polished speaker and grant fraud expert who is frequently invited to speak to the investigative, audit, and higher education communities about uncovering financial fraud in research and education grants.

Paul is a Certified Fraud Examiner and earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Crime in Commerce, from the George Washington University.  Paul will work with your institution’s management, internal audit department, sponsored program office, and human resources office, to solve the most sensitive and complex problems.